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United Kingdom
About Me

 I am a consultant ecologist based in Co Down, Northern Ireland, and have been interested in photography since school days. I have used Canon equipment since my Dad bought me a Canon FT QL in 1969 and I now use top quality Canon digital SLRs and lenses. I have broad photographic interests and I use photography in my work, but my main interests are in wildlife and travel photography.

KarlPhotoMy galleries mainly reflect shots that I have taken over the past two to three years; in addition I have many images on 35mm slide film that have not been digitised. I am currently working on a wildlife guide to Tenerife and am assembling a representative collection of images that can be used to illustrate it.


I work as a consultant ecologist, advising on environmental impact and ecological issues. My primary degree is in Natural Sciences (Trinity College Dublin) and I have a PhD in marine biology from University College Galway.

I have been interested in photography since schooldays in the 1960s. When I graduated from an Agfa Silette to my first SLR – a Canon FT QL – in 1969 I thought I was in heaven. My slide collection started with shots of pitcher plants and sea turtles in Malaysia, where my parents were living at the time, and developed as I used my camera for family and hobby photography, as well as work. My Canon FT provided me with loyal service for 11 years until I upgraded in 1980 to the then new Canon A1. Apart from some initial problems with the shutter the A1 performed faultlessly for about 20 years, recording my travels throughout Ireland and Europe as well as to more distant parts – the Pacific Islands, New Zealand and the Caribbean.

I was slow to make the switch to digital and spent a few years with only a digital compact. The photo quality of the Canon Power Shot A70 (3.2 MP) was surprisingly good but the photographic potential was obviously limited and I found the shutter lag particularly annoying. In 2005 I took the plunge and bought a Canon EOS 20D, along with the EFS 17-85mm lens, and started taking proper photos again. Recently, I have upgraded to the Canon EOS 1D Mark III.

My interest has developed and with better purchasing power than I had as a student I have accumulated the required lenses to fully indulge my interest in wildlife photography. Like many others, my slide collection lies languishing in my filing cabinet, crying out to be digitised, but in an ever-busy life this task never seems to make it to the top of the priority list! At least in the digital world it is now possible to showcase and share photos with others and since I have had much pleasure in admiring the work of fellow photographers, I thought it was time to set out my own stall for critical appraisal!

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